Most works on this web site are available in the Shop. If you can not find something in the shop please contact me with the name of the work or a screen shot. I can send you a link or load the work if necessary.

Palms 1,2,3 & 4
Palms is a collection of images involving "wild" palms. These are non maintained landscape palms but rather palms fighting for survival in an ever changing forest. My intent is to find the often overlooked. The tiny creatures and details in the fronds is mostly what I look for. My approach is to use a Leica monochrom rangefinder camera and travel lightly. At most I usually carry two lenses but it is rare to change a lens once in the forest. For the most part the only manipulation to the subject is how I photograph it. Previsualization is an important skill but my attitude is finding what God will show me.

Palms In Full Color
Same as other Palms galleries but with a camera that captures full color images.

Withlacoochee River 1
Florida's crooked river, The Withlacoochee is a wild and scenic river enjoyed by Florida locals. Images may be in color, toned or black and white. Subjects vary as much as what I find exploring this beautiful river.

Ocean Abstracts
Watching the waves battle against each other in a seemingly unending struggle. Slow exposure images on medium format  from above. An observation of receding and approaching waves in how they interact. Although the action is repetitious each cycle is different. As seen in exposures from about .3 - two full seconds with varied timing each interaction photographs uniquely. Clear paths and much turbulence can both be found in many images while others just appear turbulent.

Rainbow River
A mix of Black and white, toned and color images of the Rainbow River in my home town of Dunnellon. Also known as Rainbow Springs and Blue Run of Dunnellon. This is a beautiful first-magnitude artesian Florida spring. If you will be visiting the area and would like a unique way to experience this waterway please check out this kayaking adventure.

Spring Water
An unusual look into Florida's Springs. Mostly images which are fairly abstract and highlight the clear water. Images may be ripples, reflections, flowing grasses underneath or people interacting with the water.

Color and B&W images of coastal scenes. The intent to be simple calming images as I like to find myself when near the coast. 

Street Photography
A collection of images mostly made in Winston Salem, NC. USA man (Main St. USA) was made in Lexington, NC. Most images created using a Fuji GFX 50R and shot from the hip. I also used a Fuji X Pro camera for some street photography.  Often I would make images without people knowing but then try converse with them. Most were very receptive. Often people seemed excited to have someone to speak with, to hear their story or just know they are seen. It is unfortunate that as a society we have become so non communicative outside of our regular circles. Talk to one another.   Most of these images are not available in the shop but may be upon request.

Hutchinson Island DPP
A collection of images made on Hutchinson Island, Florida in late 2010. Each work is a truly original one of a kind photograph and has largely sat in private collection since their creation. The finished print you see is the actual fiber base photographic direct positive paper used in the 4x5 pinhole camera at the time of exposure. Each print has been properly processed, washed and treated with selenium toner. Prints are mounted in 8-ply 100% cotton mat. Framed works are in wood or metal under art glass. The finished piece measure approximately 11.5x9.5x1" for wood and slightly less for metal. Matted only finished size is approximately 10x8".  The actual image size is that from a 4x5" film camera and is slightly smaller than 4x5". These works are only available direct from me. These are unique small works. There is only one available of each as they are originals. Framed $250. Unframed $185. Shipping is included. 

The camera used for these images is a 4x5 format pinhole camera I constructed of Red Oak. The pinhole itself is laser drilled and provided by Lenox Laser. The effective aperture is F256.  Exposure calculation is done using a foot candle meter and a slide ruler I developed to convert foot candles to exposure values. Sensitivity of the paper is figured at iso3 and exposure times were most often 7 minutes to over a half hour. 
Polaroid Transfers
A collection of images created by using Polaroid peal apart film and transferring the emulsion to a water color paper. Framed works are the original transfer and total framed size is approximately 11.25"x9.25"x.75". Frames are metal and work is under anti-glare glass. Framed originals are only available direct from me. $175 shipping included. Reproductions from scans of the originals are available also from link

Camera used to make these images was my first large format camera. Graflex Crown Graphic 4x5. Original images were produced in 2005 and have been held in my private collection.  

Aerial / Industrial
This is my commercial work. Mostly not available in the shop. Place on my page to show samples of varying work I have done. If an image os of interest feel free to contact me.

Pats Cats
I was not one who gave much attention to cats. That is until a tiny little orange cat of about 5 weeks came squeaking out of the forest right up to me. He needed help. He was named Fergus and taught me that there is a lot more to cats than most realize. He only lived about six years but every day he let me know he appreciated being picked up, cleaned and fed that first meeting.  Then came Mango and Pepper. Brother and sister living on the street. Literally, they were dodging cars. They came home to a much better and safer life. Pepper passed away young. Mango is a smart cat and a hunter. He is not alone as he is big brother to adopted Captain Morgan (peepers) an attention loving playful Maine Coon (we think) found abandoned and a mess in a church parking lot. She was found by a neighbor who knew this kitten could not be left but had faith a home would be found. These photos are mostly not in the shop but if interested contact me. 

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