Palms 1,2,3,4
Palms is a collection of images involving "wild" palms. These are non maintained landscape palms but rather palms fighting for survival in an ever changing forest. My intent is to find the often overlooked. The tiny creatures and details in the fronds is mostly what I look for. My approach is to use a Leica monochrom rangefinder camera and travel lightly. At most I usually carry two lenses but it is rare to change a lens once in the forest. For the most part the only manipulation to the subject is how I photograph it. Previsualization is an important skill but my attitude is finding what God will show me.

Ocean Abstracts
Watching the waves battle against each other in a seemingly unending struggle. Slow exposure images on medium format  from above. An observation of receding and approaching waves in how they interact. Although the action is repetitious each cycle is different. As seen in exposures from about .3 - two full seconds with varied timing each interaction photographs uniquely. Clear paths and much turbulence can both be found in many images while others just appear turbulent.

Street Photography

A collection of images mostly made in Winston Salem, NC. USA man (Main St. USA) was made in Lexington, NC. Most images created using a Fuji GFX 50R and shot from the hip. I also used a Fuji X Pro camera for some street photography.  Often I would make images without people knowing but then try converse with them. Most were very receptive. Often people seemed excited to have someone to speak with, to hear their story or just know they are seen. It is unfortunate that as a society we have become so non communicative outside of our regular circles. Talk to one another.   Most of these images are not available in the shop but may be upon request.
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