Patrick M Lynch
     I am Patrick Lynch a photographer living in the small town of Welcome, NC and former environmental photographer for the state of Florida where I served for sixteen years. Prior to this I worked as a photojournalist.

    Currently I am transitioning back to Florida but this time to the West coast. The site is likely to be an odd mix of NC and FL art photography.

     When I first was learning photography it was film and chemistry. Eventually digital became a dream of the future and is now the norm. Although I still love film I am repeatedly impressed with the continual advancements I see in digital and enjoy this type of photography very much. Although I do miss the smell of fixer when not working in film.  

     Today I pursue artistic and stock photography for publications worldwide Currently I am working mostly in medium format digital and recently medium format film. Most film work is black and white using Mamiya Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) cameras. Fuji digital medium format is used for most current work. Much of my digital work is also created to produce a final image in black and white. 
     Film work is done using a hybrid method.  After photographing with and developing the film the digital Images are produced with high quality scans of the film negative. From the scans minimal image manipulation is done to preserve the photographed scene as it was made. Modifications to the scans is mostly limited to traditional darkroom techniques but done with greater precision. Digital work may be moderately manipulated and be in black and white or color. Digital work can be found in a variety of aspect ratios with most works 1:1- 4:5 or in panoramic formats. 

     I have worked in multiple large / medium formats, smaller film formats and many different digital systems and formats.  Additionally I have experimented in alternative process and building my own cameras. Of all I have I used I have found those that use no batteries and have no meter to be the most enjoyable. It is however the final result, the print that brings me the most joy.  Many works may be ordered directly from me and they are printed on heavy 22"x17" Canson paper with pigment inks and shipped flat. Work that is on canvas, framed and other forms ready to hang is also available through agencies I work with. 

     I have been working in photography for thirty years and love the art of it every day. 
Thank you for visiting and please feel free to contact me if interested in my work. You can see much more work including color works and ready to hang work at A Fine Art America site.

Work found on this site is often available direct and signed. P. Lynch
I print on high quality heavy fine art Canson Infinity paper. Surfaces I prefer ar Baryta, Rag Photographique and Edition Etching Rag.  The final image is printed with a border left on the paper. This is where I sign the print and it also protects the image and aids in framing.

Patrick M Lynch

Please feel free to contact me with inquiries. 
Prints may be available direct / signed.
Thank you!