Patrick M Lynch
     I am Patrick Lynch a photographer living in the community of Dunnellon, FL and former environmental photographer for the state of Florida where I served for sixteen years. Prior to this I worked as a photojournalist.

    Recently I relocated back to Florida after living in Welcome, NC for nearly nine years. This time to the West coast of Florida. 

     When I first was learning photography it was film and chemistry. Eventually digital became a dream of the future and is now the norm. Although I still love film I am repeatedly impressed with the continual advancements I see in digital and enjoy this type of photography very much. Although I do miss the smell of fixer when not working in film.  

     Today I pursue artistic and stock photography for publications worldwide Currently I am working mostly in digital. I have recently left the Fuji GFX system to go back to another Fuji camera series I love. I look forward to seeing how using the Fuji X100V influences my approach to photography. Although I have not done much recently I do enjoy film photography. Most film work is black and white using Mamiya Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) cameras. 

     I have worked in multiple large / medium formats, smaller film formats and many different digital systems and formats.  Additionally I have experimented in alternative process and building my own cameras. Of all I have I used I have found those that use no batteries and have no meter to be the most enjoyable. It is however the final result, the print that brings me the most joy.  

     I have been working in photography for thirty years and love the art of it every day. 
Thank you for visiting and please feel free to contact me if interested in my work. You can see much more work in my shop.

Patrick M Lynch

Please feel free to contact me with inquiries. 
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