About Patrick Lynch
I am Patrick Lynch a photographer living in Dunnellon, FL and former environmental photographer for the state of Florida where I served for sixteen years. Prior to this I worked as a photojournalist in Connecticut. Early 2020 I relocated back to Florida with my family after living in Welcome, NC for nearly nine years. I am a husband, father of two sons and caregiver to any furry creature that comes around needing a safe home.
Today I pursue artistic photography. Much of my work may be described as abstract or minimalism. At times I get to combine the two. I do see God as the creator and my approach in photographing is finding what He will show me. While out I am searching for the natural to photograph in a clean and often overlooked way my goal is to make images of nature as I find it and how I see it. Both are a gift
I have worked in multiple large / medium formats, smaller film formats and many different digital systems and formats. Additionally I have created in alternative process and enjoyed building my own cameras. It is the final result, the print that brings me the most joy.
B.S. industrial technology. Continual learning and experimentation in photography I have pursued for decades. I learn best by seeing. I observe and carefully consider the work of other art photographers as well as other types of art. Today the education I enjoy most is sharing my knowledge, experience and ideas. 
Being a photographer for several decades my work has been widely published from photojournalism, magazine work and most notable as an environmental photographer. My work hangs in many commercial buildings and homes worldwide. I do not pursue typical artist exhibitions. Some finer memories are my images being used in the White House for decision making and other work being printed large and framed as gifts of recognition for those who have contributed notably to environmental issues.

Please feel free to contact me with inquiries. 

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