Work I do just because, Just because I have a camera in my hand, Just because I like making images, Just because I love photography and Just because
Prints are likely available but if not in my shop you may need to inquire.

Old vines on a cypress tree. Black and white art photography

Swamp Things

Barbed wire on fence post. Black and white art image.


Florida Art Image. Salt Marsh

Escaped Crab Trap

Black and white art photography

Crab Trap Float

Rush in a wetland. Dipping ends in water


Old Tree branch. Black and white art image


Abstract art image of grass blowing in wind.

Blown Grass

Deer skull in woods on ground

Untitled for now

Deer skull art image

O Deer

Deer bones art photography

O Deer 2

Chomped 2


Spanish Moss


Cat art


Tree Art