Decaying leaves on a vine. Black and white art image.

Darker Days ~ Leaves of a thorny vine on the edge of Winter

Many small mushrooms growing in decayed stump.

Dark Places ~ Mushrooms growing in decaying tree stump.

Trees at the fence of a farm field. Black and white art photography

Trees At The Fence ~ Farmland and trees on a foggy morning.

Foggy farm scene with big tree and barn. Art photography

Autumn Farm ~ Early morning and foggy rural North Carolina

Blck and white art photography. Morning mist rising from lake.

Morning Mist ~ rising in cool morning air.

Black and white panoramic art photography cenic landscape of lake

Late Fall ~ Morning mist rising from Old City Lake. Lexington, NC

Hosta leaves with water drops. Black and white art photograph.

Wet Hosta

A vine tendril holds back a leaf on the same plant. Black and white image.

Holding Back

Scenic black and white waterfall image. NC

Cascade 2 ~ Lower Cascade at Hanging Rock State Park, NC

West hosta leaves in black and white. Art Prints available

April Hosta

Black Eyed Susan flower in B&W

Black Eye

Black and white art photograph of leaf texture.


Water drops on iris leaves. Black and white art.

April Showers

Sauratown mountain range. North Carolina art

Sauratown Mountains

Scenic waterfall black and white image

Carrick Creek Falls

Scenic abstract waterfall black and white image

Slow Creek

Scenic waterfall black and white nature image

Carrick Falls

Nature close up

The Harvestman

Scenic waterfall abstract black and white image

Cascade 5 ~ Lower Cascade at Hanging Rock State Park, NC

Scenic fast flowing creek. Panoramic black and white image

Wet Rocks

Scenic art landscape. Waterfall in North Carolina

Cascade 1 ~ Lower Cascade at Hanging Rock State Park, NC

Landscape waterfall on creek. B&W photography

Dragons Mouth ~ Water flowing over rocks of Carrick Creek in Table Rock State Park. Pickens, South Carolina.

Palm branch in black and white

Feeling Tropical

Mushroom on rotting tree trunk

Forever Alone

Black and white dandelion art image


Scenic landscape of waterfall in forest. Black and white photography art.

Hidden Dragon ~ A large rock on Carrick Creek makes for a small waterfall which appears to be a hiding dragon. Located in Table Rock State Park, South Carolina

A lone tree in a field with clouds in the sky.

Lonely Summer Tree

Scenic nature

Making Friends ~ Two bugs meet

Subtle tones in hostas. Black and white art photography.

Natural Tones

Power in nature. Black and white waterfall art.

Rapid Falls ~ Swiftly moving water down Shacktown falls in Deep Creek. Yadkin County, NC.

Rocks in a forest creek.

Reedy Cove Creek ~ Pickens South Carolina. A scenic woodland flowing creek with many rocks.

Driftwood in a salt marsh

Salt Marsh

Leaves in black and white

Signs Of Fall

Abstract rock and waterfall image.

The Struggle

Tight image of waterfall. Black and white art photography.

Upper Cascade ~ Upper Cascade at Hanging Rock State Park, NC

water droplets on narrow leaves. Wall art photography.

Wet Iris

A rock in a creek with flowing water all around it.

With The Flow

Water flowing a rock in a creek.


Water droplets on a window with trees in the background.

Safe Inside

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